October 15-16 | 11am

In Reiki Level II , you’ll raise your spiritual awareness and increase your Reiki energy channeling abilities. This training will help you to deepen your understanding of this healing modality, learning the sacred techniques and symbols for the expansion of the Reiki healing energy. These symbols will help you to magnify and focus the Reiki energy you attained in Level I. Discover more ways to use Reiki in your sessions and in life. Receive two powerful attunements at the end of this training.
Reiki LV Two Training consists of your second attunements to initiate the Reiki symbols and heighten your Reiki energy, digital handouts and a manual that includes guidelines, sketches, and instructions for you to refer back on upon completion of the class, and a private Facebook community where you an ask questions and get suggestions and find community! This is a comprehensive Level II training that spans two days, 8 hours in total.


Reiki is an energy balancing technique for healing and stress reduction. It helps alleviate many physical and emotional issues and supports the body’s natural balancing process. Reiki healing is a subtle and holistic approach — treating body, mind and spirit. It supports your spiritual and personal growth. Use Reiki to clear and bless rooms and homes, food, water and animals. Reiki is noninvasive and gentle and can be given to anyone. It’s helpful for in all stages of life and offers comfort in the transition to the spiritual realm.
administering reiki to client through the hands


This is a great fit if you want to…

↠ Learn how to be more intuitive while working with clients.

↠ Review the emotional and spiritual relationships of the chakras.

↠ Review and practice scanning energy fields and chakras

↠ Review and practice the Reiki treatment patterns

↠ Receive Reiki Second Degree attunements, which open you to the additional energies needed for second-degree Reiki work

↠ Learn all aspects of the second-degree program through direct hands-on experience and no cut corners



Co-Founder, LatinXHikers

I had the opportunity to try a reiki session with Kaitlyn during a girls lakehouse trip. It was my first time trying it so i didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, Kaitlyn made me feel comfortable and at ease trying something new. The session helped me relax and steady my mind (which is hard for me to do). Afterwards I felt renewed and energetic to take on the day. 10/10 would recommend this practice!


Co-Founder, BlackTooEarth

My reiki session with Kaitlyn was needed and healing! She took the time to ask where I felt the most tense and focused on that area. I left feeling relieved and grateful for the session. Definitely plan on booking another!


Exploration and integration of the traditional Reiki symbols

How to Facilitate a Distance Reiki Session

How to Start Your Own Reiki Practice

Animal Reiki Techniques

Access to teacher support both in and out of class

Help and support to incorporate Reiki practice into your everyday life


Reiki LV Two Training requires 8 hours (4 hours each day) of reiki classroom training. These sessions are virtual until further notice. We will set you up with your co-hort so that there’s ample opportunity for practice, and to coordinate across time zones with each other.

Levels Available at Rose & Ritual

Training through Rose & Ritual Apothecary heavily focuses on preparing you to bring reiki healing to your community in a mindful, conscious, and prepared way, especially right now as healing is needed.
These trainings aren’t set up to keep you going through training after training while your community waits for healing. We’d like you to have the tools, support, and practice to bring your healing art to others.
With that said, practitioners are encouraged to develop their reiki skills by spending time engaging in self-care and forming their own personal practice.

  • Reiki LV One

    Curated and intended to equip you with everything you need to start your own person self-care reiki practice, as well as loved ones. Certification is given upon completion of required practice sessions.

  • Reiki LV II

    for practitioners who wan to learn how to deepen their practice and expand offerings in a soul aligned way. Learn the Reiki Symbols to amplify your reiki energy and get the rundown on how to create a thriving reiki practice of your own.
    Pre-requisite: Reiki LV One and all completed sessions are required for this training.

  • Reiki LV III / Master Teacher

    After six months to a year of deep commitment to the Reiki practice, be attuned to the final 2 reiki rays of healing energy, receive training on how to teach & attune others to Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Reiki Level III
    Pre-requisite: Reiki LV I & II and all completed sessions are required for this training.


Preparation for Training

Bring blankets or something comfy to lay on, cushions and pillows, water!!, crystals, a journal, and something to write with. You will receive a digital course manual. It is recommended not to eat heavily when you arrive in the morning, as you’ll be practicing reiki. Come with an open heart and mind and be ready to share. More details will be shared with you once you are registered.

Payment Options


The intention of this inclusive training is to prepare you to facilitate reiki healing for Self and others. You will receive a certification of completion after completing practice sessions and submitting evaluation.

New to reiki? Come to a Sunday Reiki Service, select Sundays at 11am EST.